Our Blueprint For the Future of Long Island

  • “The option of underground power lines should be included within the permitting process for each and every power line upgrade or relocation across Long Island, and that each community must be given, up front, that option and the cost implications to the residents of each community at the beginning of the review process.” Our thanks to the Long Island Builders Institute for this proposal in a letter to the Chairman of the LIPA Board of Trustees.
  • Work with legislators at the State and Federal level to ban the use of toxic pentachlorophenol (PCP) as a preservative on wood poles. PCP is banned in 26 countries and has been banned in the United States since 1987 for all public use except as a preservative on wooden utility poles and for railroad ties. Utility poles sitting in front of children’s playgrounds, people’s homes, near their families, pets and wildlife, ARE in the public space, and ARE a direct threat to people’s health, and safety as well as to the environment.
  • Ensure wherever overhead transmission lines are used, their placement adheres to the Americans With Disabilities Act, and provides ample room for disabled people to use the sidewalks and crosswalks.
  • Break PSEG/LIPA’s unique New York State run monopoly that unfairly puts all the costs on the ratepayer. Put the ratepayers in charge. Ensure their property rights are their human rights. PSEG/LIPA should not dictate how Long Island towns and villages look, or what they need. The citizens should.
    • Work towards utilities, not ratepayers picking up the costs of PSEG/LIPA employee pension and benefits.
    • Work towards PSEG/LIPA infrastructure improvements that are paid for by the power utility.
    • Combine all cable, utility, cell and TV lines underground to share expenses among all companies and shareholders, and reduce the impact on any one company.
    • Push for renewable energy on Long Island that does not become another monopoly of PSEG/LIPA.

Our Immediate Goals For Long Island

  • Remove the newly installed PSEG utility poles leaching toxic pentachlorophenol into the soil and groundwater of East Hampton and other Long Island communities.
  • Bury all planned upgraded lines underground along direct public corridors outside of residential neighborhoods.
  • Use alternative energy sources for back-up reliability.
  • Use professional licensed arborists to trim our trees and follow their natural growth patterns.
  • Support New York State pending legislation to appoint a State Office of Public Utility Advocate cosponsored by Long Island Assemblyman Fred Thiele.