Established in March 2014, Long Island Businesses For Responsible Energy, Inc. (LIBFRE) is a non-profit 501 (c)4 corporation that aims to ensure that the future of Long Island utilities focuses on a safe and responsible energy infrastructure. LIBFRE supports an energy upgrade that preserves our health, safety, environment, property values, and historic and scenic vistas.


Our goal is to have PSEG Long Island:

  • Halt the six-mile East Hampton to Amagansett high-tension overhead transmission lines.

  • Remove all newly installed toxic Pentachlorophenol pressure treated wood utility poles.

  • Reroute transmission lines underground along major public corridors away from residential neighborhoods.

  • Create another alternative for back-up electricity while underground power line burial is being researched and conducted.

  • Shoulder the cost of burial, or a reasonable share of that cost, to be borne by the utility, and not its ratepayers.

Long Island Businesses For Responsible Energy, Inc.

26 Gingerbread Lane
East Hampton, New York 11937
Email us at: info@libfre.com